Development consultation

Prior to starting a project, we recommend that our customers sit down with us to discuss their development ideas.  At this stage we can offer our views on the best ways to progress the project.

Planning Consultation

Abodeco offers a planning consultancy service.  This offers a great benefit to our clients as the planning process can be daunting to negotiate.  With the knowledge and experience that a planning specialist can offer, the stress can be taken out of the process and ultimately produce the desired outcome with the minimum of effort.  Using this service can reduce the pre-application and application stages of the project considerably resulting in the delivery of a design concept in a more cost effective manner.


Complete Design and Build Service

If you would prefer to deal with a single point of contact from day 1 right through to receiving a completed project, this is the ideal solution.  By bringing together the knowledge, expertise and experience of our specialist partners we will oversee the entire project to ensure it is completed on time and on budget.  This gives our clients total peace of mind that every aspect of their project will be carefully considered and dealt with professionally resulting in minimal disturbance to our clients’ day to day life.

Building Maintenance and Repair

Our maintenance and repair service is designed for clients who are responsible for the upkeep and general management of a building or multiple units.  We can offer a bespoke plan that will ensure any issue concerning the maintenance of such buildings can be taken care of with the same degree of workmanship we provide with every service we offer.